Hard Material Blades

The Ninja
Have you ever had a blade cut real slow, melt a brick, shoot sparks, jump out of the cut, bounce, drift, or even stop cutting? The NINJA Blade is your answer for any hard material you have either cut or will cut. No material is to hard or dense for the NINJA. Your time is money! Do not accept copies or knock offs. There is only one ninja, and we have it.

- Application: The hardest bricks, pavers, stone, reinforced concrete, refractory bricks..
- 10mm Segment Height
Dry Wet hand held saw table saw
12" .125 1"-20mm T12SWG12
14" .125 1"-20mm T14SWG12
16" .125 1"-20mm T16SWG12
20" .125 1" T20SWG12
T-Seg Blade
T-seg's allow you to do something that you can't do with conventional blades. That's the ability to not only cut fast, and maintain long life, but they offer you the ability to side grind with the blade if needed. Ideal when working in mortar joints or if you wish to grind down or smooth an edge of granite or stone. T-seg's have diamond stems that go into the core to add stability and support with increased diamond concentration.

- Application: Cured concrete, pre-cast, reinforced concrete.
- 13mm Segment Height
Dry Wet hand held saw grinder circular saw
4" .095 7/8"-5/8" T4TSEGP
4.5" .095 7/8"-5/8" T45TSEGP
5" .095 7/8"-5/8" T5TSEGP
6" .095 7/8"-5/8" T6TSEGP
7" .095 DIA 7/8"-5/8" T7TSEGP
8" .095 DIA 7/8"-5/8" T8TSEGP
10" .095 DIA 7/8"-5/8" T10TSEGP
14" .125 1"-20mm T14TSEGP
Tornado Blade
The Blue Tornado is your best bet if your working with stone. The Blue Tornado loves bluestone, granite, lime stone, and flag stone. It can be used on any type of hard material but loves the hard stuff. A perfect blade for installers or fabricators of stone related products.

- Application: Granite, hard material, fast cutting.
- 9mm Segment Height
Dry Wet hand held saw grinder circular saw
4" .095 7/8"-5/8" T4TORS
4.5" .095 7/8"-5/8" T45TORS
5" .095 7/8"-5/8" T5TORS
6" .095 7/8"-5/8" T6TORS
7" .095 DIA 7/8"-5/8" T7TORS
8" .095 DIA 7/8"-5/8" T8TORS
10" .095 DIA 7/8"-5/8" T10TORS
12" .125 1"-20mm T12TORS
14" .125 1"-20mm T14TORS